PTI New York Conference Highlights Imran Khan’s Anti-Corruption Crusade Duniya News Coverage


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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has faced significant legal troubles stemming from corruption allegations linked to the Panama Papers scandal. In July 2017, Nawaz Sharif was ousted from office by the Supreme Court of Pakistan after being declared dishonest for not disclosing income from a company owned by his son and banned from politics for life. This marked the beginning of a series of legal battles for Sharif, who was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10.6 million for corruption. The charges related to his failure to prove the source of income used to purchase properties in London in the 1990s, as revealed in the Panama Papers.

In July 2017, the PTI New York Eagle Panel organized a conference to celebrate and show support for the election of Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan following the ousting of Nawaz Sharif. The event marked the beginning of PTI’s new overseas official conferences focused on the aftermath of Nawaz Sharif’s removal from office. The conference saw enthusiastic participation from members of the Pakistani community, who fervently chanted slogans such as “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Go Nawaz Go.” Notable attendees included President of PTI Amjad Nawaz Siddiqui, Senior Vice President Mirza Khawar Baig, Secretary General Khurshid Ahmed, Additional Secretary General Zaman Afridi, Secretary Women Samina Zareen, and Secretary Information Zameer Chaudhry. The conference aimed to rally support for Imran Khan’s candidacy for the position of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In his address, President of PTI New York, Amjad Nawaz, lauded the nation on a historic day and commended the relentless efforts of leader Imran Khan in advancing the country’s welfare.

He exclaimed, “First and foremost, I congratulate the nation on today’s momentous occasion.” Reflecting on Imran Khan’s tireless efforts for national betterment, he highlighted the JIT report’s validation of Khan’s stance. Amjad Nawaz emphasized the imperative for corrupt rulers to step down and face legal consequences. “It is demanded that corrupt rulers like Nawaz Sharif should step down from their positions.”(Amjad Nawaz). Expressing optimism for justice, he asserted, “Insha’Allah, justice will prevail, and the light of law and order will shine bright.” Transitioning to the PTI New York chapter’s elections, Nawaz urged active participation to bolster the leader’s position “This is a crucial time for us to strengthen our leader’s position.”(Amjad Nawaz)

In a statement, Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary of the Insaf Eagle Group and a candidate for the presidency remarked,

“As we navigate through the election process, I find myself vying for the position of President against Khan, who stands as my opponent for the role of Vice President.” Khurshid Ahmed

cordially invited friends from New York and beyond to participate in the election proceedings, emphasizing the importance of active involvement, especially from young individuals, to bolster membership in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. He expressed optimism in realizing the vision set forth by Imran Khan and envisioned a collective effort towards a brighter future for Pakistan.

Fiaz Khan, a senior member of PTI, emphasized,

“Just as Imran Khan has empowered the people of Pakistan, it is imperative to strengthen the hands of our President here in New York PTI”.

Also, He said that The time for change has arrived, and I am confident that by next week, we will witness a transformation in Pakistan, and similarly, here in New York. It is crucial to discern who deserves our support, and there is none other than Amjad Nawaz Sahab in New York and Imran Khan in Pakistan. “Let us proclaim, Long live Pakistan, long live PTI. Victory is inevitable and it shall be ours.”(Fiaz Khan) Top of Form

Additional Secretary General Zaman Afridi, a Senior Member of PTI, conveyed, “We have diligently chosen Amjad Nawaz Siddiqui as the President of PTI Newyork Eagle Panel, along with Mirza Khawar Baig as Senior Vice President and Khurshid Ahmed as Secretary General. I urge all members to actively participate and extend their support to PTI Eagle New York.” (Zaman Afridi)

Muzamil Anwar, Former President of PTI New York, expressed, “As we approach the upcoming intra-party elections, it is my honour to welcome Amjad Nawaz Siddiqui as the President of PTI New York. His capabilities are exemplary, and we embrace him wholeheartedly.” (Muzamil Anwar)

The PTI New York Eagle Panel conference was a resounding success, with attendees expressing unwavering support for PTI and Imran Khan’s leadership.

Dr Ammaar Saeed, an Pakistani American Muslim Scholar was invited to led the prayer and dua, invoking blessings for the prosperity of Pakistan and the success of PTI’s endeavors. Reflecting on the event, Dr Ammaar Saeed remarked,

“It was an honor to participate in such a meaningful gathering dedicated to the advancement of our beloved country. The spirit of unity and determination among PTI members is truly inspiring, and I do not doubt that with such dedication, we will witness positive changes in Pakistan.” (Ammaar Saeed)

Furthermore, Dr Ammaar Saeed was asked of improvement in political and corruption system of Pakistan and added,

“Pakistan definitely required modification in political system, and innocent public continue having faith and flying on one party and fall under deception. The gov required to sentence the corruption party and respect the political affairs of foreign standard diplomatic policies to punish the culprits.”

President of PTI New York, Amjad Nawaz Siddiqui, thanked the audience, stating: ” I feel very fortunate today that Mr Arif Chaudhry has honoured us with his presence from Pakistan.” Siddiqui acknowledged the sacrifices made by attendees, stating: “All the people present here, we can say in Pakistan that the election might tempt someone, someone might be tempted by the MNA or MPA ticket, someone might be tempted to become a minister, or it might be to contribute.” He then highlighted the significance of Imran Khan’s leadership and accomplishments, emphasizing:

“What Imran Khan has changed today, and the light and brightness in your eyes, when a spiritual joy fills the heart, when there is a light from Allah in the heart and it reflects in the faces, that joy, who has given us this joy, we should not forget”. (Amjad Nawaz Siddiqui)

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