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New York (Daily News Pakistan) – In a groundbreaking move, Dr Ammar Saeed, the first American-Pakistani religious leader, has launched an Islamic TV channel. In an exclusive interview with “Daily News Pakistan” USA, Mufti Saeed discussed his efforts to promote Islamic teachings in America, rising above sectarian divisions. He emphasized that he is actively involved in Dawah (the call to Islam) throughout the country, including New York.

In an exclusive interview, Mufti Ammar Saeed announced the launch of Ahad TV, an Islamic television channel based in the United States. This groundbreaking initiative aims to disseminate the teachings of the Quran and Hadith, transcending sectarian divides to reach a global audience. His mission is to assist non-Muslims in embracing Islam by reciting the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith) and distributing Islamic literature that adheres to the Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad). Every year, he helps hundreds of non-Muslims convert to Islam by reciting the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith), bringing them under the mercy of Allah.

In addition to his religious outreach, Dr Ammaar Saeed shared that he is deeply involved in humanitarian work. He provides essential services such as food, clothing, and other necessities to the homeless and needy. His organization responds to thousands of inquiries and consultation requests from around the world each year, offering guidance through various media, including videos, audio, articles, books, and online responses. This support extends to both Muslims and non-Muslims, addressing their spiritual and social needs including assistance for the New York Family Court.

In response to a question, Ammaar Saeed mentioned that Ahad TV, the newly launched Islamic channel, broadcasts on over 50 networks worldwide. Ahad TV is the first purely Islamic channel to launch on the Apple TV platform. This channel aims to spread Islam to non-Muslims through satellite and every available network.

Besides this, He also stated that His efforts extend beyond Ahad TV. Mufti Saeed heads the Islamic Research Foundation New York, which includes chapters such as Insaniyat (Humanity), Sadaqat (Charities), Aman (Peace), and Imdad (Aid). He also oversees the Islamic Shariah Council New York and One God TV. His academic background includes a double major in computer science and business administration, as well as dual PhDs in Islamic Science from American International University and Counseling Psychology from Theology University.

In an interview, He also expressed that with the help and support of Allah’s pleasure and well-wishers, everything is possible. Mufti Sheikh Ammar Saeed, a prominent American-Pakistani figure, initiated Ahad Islamic TV in America and has been actively engaged in missionary work for the past 10 years. He appealed to the entire Pakistani community to support his mission, defend Pakistan’s name in Islam, and organize continuous charity for themselves. Quoting verse 2:261 of the Holy Quran, he stated that spending in the way of Allah does not decrease one’s wealth but rather brings rewards in this world and the hereafter.

The achievements of Dr Ammaar Saeed and his organization are impressive. ALIM University, a chapter of the Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY), and the AHAD TV Media Network manage over 5,000 websites, hundreds of YouTube channels, and the largest Islamic online library with over 20,000 books. He stressed that none of their platforms are monetized, focusing solely on providing pure Islamic education and media to the public.

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