Updates for Hajj 2023 pilgrims amid extremely hot and dry weather


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Read the latest updates on the Hajj pilgrimage here

Saudi Arabia’s National Centre of Meteorology has warned of hot and dry weather for pilgrims during Hajj this year.

Up to two million pilgrims from across the world are travelling to Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage, which begins on Monday.

Pilgrims will spend a significant amount of the three-day pilgrimage outside, exposed to the hot temperatures of the kingdom during summer.

Temperatures in Makkah are expected to peak at 44ºC during the daytime. It’s expected to be significantly cooler at night, but the average minimum night-time temperature is still 30ºC.

The NCM added that there is a risk of poor visibility from dust storms, with the average wind speed estimated to be between 4kph and 10kph.

Follow the map below for live weather in Makkah and Madinah.

Makkah and Madinah latest weather map for pilgrims

What weather precautions should Hajj pilgrims take?

Ministry of Hajj officials have warned pilgrims to take precautions to avoid sunstroke or heat-related injuries.

Authorities will provide umbrellas to pilgrims to protect them from the sun and water to keep them hydrated.

The Ministry of Hajj advised pilgrims to use umbrellas, drink fluids, stay in the shade and avoid going out in the middle of the day.

Authorities said last week that extensive health services were in place in preparation for Hajj.

The health ministry said 32 hospitals and 140 health centres, with a hospital bed capacity of more than six million, are in place to serve pilgrims.

Fans and air-conditioning has been installed at the holy sites throughout the pilgrimage to help pilgrims stay cool.

“All accommodations for Hajj pilgrims will have air conditioning throughout the day to ensure their comfort, along with snacks like ice creams and cold water to help make it easy for pilgrims to deal with the heat,” Hussein Abid, a Hajj guide in Jeddah, told The National.

The Saudi Red Crescent has also issued advice for any pilgrims who do find themselves suffering from heatstroke.

What do pilgrims wear during Hajj?

Hajj officials advised pilgrims to wear shoes to avoid foot injuries.

Pilgrims wear simple clothes during Hajj, and are often seen barefoot.

Men wear two sheets of plain cloth covering the upper and lower body, while women must wear modest clothes that reach their ankles and scarves to cover their hair.

“We advise everyone to wear comfortable clothing and bring only cotton lightweight garments because it is very hot during the day,” said Mr Abid.

Updated: June 26, 2023, 8:26 AM

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