New Website Otelislam.Com Launched To Help People Identify Islamic Hotels Across The Planet


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The site helps meet the needs of Muslim Travelers looking for conservative options.

İstanbul –News Direct– KISS PR Brand Story, an online platform aiming to meet the specific needs of Muslim travelers seeking conservative Islamic hotels worldwide, has been launched. This platform has been designed to provide travelers with a comprehensive selection of accommodations that align with Islamic values and principles. Using the platform, people can find hotels that prioritize essential features for conservative Muslim families, including alcohol-free and pork-free halal food options, designated prayer areas, and accommodations that respect family privacy.

Before the launch, the company conducted extensive market research to understand the specific needs of Muslim travelers as well as the options available in the market. This helped them understand the market gap and build a database of hotels that meet their specific preferences.

Talking to the press, a senior manager for the online site Yunus OZGAN said, “We are very excited with the launch of the website that will help address the distinct needs of Muslim travelers who prioritize conservative and faith-aligned holiday experiences. Our platform is designed to streamline the hotel selection process while enhancing the overall travel experience for individuals seeking child-friendly, secure accommodations that respect the privacy and comfort of their families. We hope this will help promote halal tourism and ensure a comfortable and culturally sensitive journey.”

The platform offers hotels across various destinations in Turkey, including Fethiye, Marmaris, and includes major Islamic hotel chains like Alanya Islamic Hotels .

He went on to add, “The platform’s development aims to create a more culturally sensitive and accommodating approach within the global travel industry. For instance, in our research, we found that for many Muslim women, the availability of hijab-friendly beaches has become a crucial consideration when planning seaside getaways. We understand this need and have made a list of hotels in different countries that have beaches that are thoughtfully designed to provide privacy and comfort, allowing women to enjoy the sun and sea while adhering to their modest dress code. Our team will keep building on the database of spaces that accommodate different cultural and religious practices. We hope to contribute to a more inclusive and enjoyable holiday experiences for all.”

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OZGAN also emphasized the importance of customer feedback in enhancing their services. “We actively seek feedback from our users to continually refine and expand our offerings. Whether it’s a family vacation, a business trip, or a spiritual journey, we aim to provide options that cater to all these needs while remaining true to Islamic values.”

The platform’s user-friendly interface and detailed hotel descriptions have been designed to make the decision-making process as smooth and informative as possible. “Each hotel listed on our platform includes detailed descriptions of its facilities, services, and the specific Islamic features it offers. This transparency is key to helping our users make informed decisions that best suit their individual needs and preferences.”

In addition to hotel bookings, plans to expand its services to include travel guides and articles that provide insights into Islamic heritage sites and culturally rich destinations around the world. “Our goal is to become a comprehensive resource for Muslim travelers, offering not just accommodation options but also valuable information to enrich their travel experiences,” OZGAN concluded.

The launch of represents a significant step in meeting the increasing demand for Islam-friendly travel options and addresses a market segment that has long been underserved. With its tailored approach and commitment to quality, the platform is poised to become a go-to resource for Muslim travelers worldwide.

Travelers interested in learning more about Islamic hotels can visit the site today learn more about the platform:

About is a specialized online platform designed to meet to the needs of Muslim travelers seeking accommodation that aligns with Islamic values and principles. It offers a curated selection of hotels that provide halal food options, alcohol-free environments, prayer facilities, and family-friendly spaces that respect privacy.

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