We want more cooperation for journalists in the framework of Islamic values and national interests!


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Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) – Kabul: Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, published an article on X channel today (Sunday, March 17) and wrote that “I congratulate all the journalists of the country on the National Day of Journalists.”
He added that they want more services for journalists within the framework of Islamic values and national interests of the country.
Zabihullah Mujahid considered journalists to be the representatives of the connection between the nation and the system and said that it is hoped that they will be more diligent and hardworking considering the media principles.
Earlier, Maulavi Zia-ul-Haq Haqmal, acting deputy directorate of media of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate and head of the Bakhtar news agency, in a speech in the webinar “Courage of AVA News Agency on the Line of Martyrdom” on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of this news agency and also the first anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the office Mazar-e-Sharif emphasized the ministry’s cooperation and support to Ava news agency and added that the media can carry out their activities keeping in mind the culture, Islamic and Afghan principles.
Maulavi Haqmal noted in his speech that after the rule of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the activities of the media have improved compared to before and the media can carry out their activities keeping in mind the culture, Islamic and Afghan principles.
Maulavi Haqmal assured the officials of AVA news agency and other media that there will be no obstacles in front of their media activities. The Ministry of Information and Culture is a supporter of the media and this ministry cooperates in the media rights and their activities.
The head of Bakhtar News Agency asked the media to take advantage of the current good conditions and provide good and useful information about the Islamic Emirate to the people.
He stated that the previous problems that existed in the republican system against the media have been resolved for the time being, and added that Afghanistan currently enjoys complete security and the media can operate throughout Afghanistan.

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