Raja Ali Ejaz and Dr. Ammaar Saeed Addresses Political and Corruption Challenges


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NEW YORK: Raja Ali Ejaz, as Pakistan Consul General in New York, renowned for his extensive community outreach, which laid the foundation for unprecedented access to the Consulate of Pakistan in New York.

In his address in meeting conference, Consul General Raja Ali Ejaz highlighted the significant opportunities for foreign investment in Pakistan.

“This is a very exciting time for Pakistan to attract foreign investment and for US-based companies to benefit from the lucrative incentives our country offers,”

Ejaz stated. He also condemned certain actions in Washington, D.C., emphasizing Pakistan’s full cooperation in crime investigations and questioning why these matters were not being pursued further.

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During the meeting at Pakistan Consulate New York, Pakistan-American Muslim scholar and leader Dr Ammar Saeed commented on the political challenges faced by Pakistan, stating,

“We must address the prevailing political problems in our country to pave the way for progress and stability.” (Ammaar Saaed)

He emphasized the need for transparency and accountability to combat corruption effectively, adding,

“Corruption undermines the trust of the people and hampers our efforts for development.”_ (Dr Ammaar Saaed)

Raja Ali Ejaz, echoing similar sentiments, remarked,

“Foreign affairs play a crucial role in shaping Pakistan’s standing on the global stage. We must strengthen our diplomatic ties and effectively represent our nation’s interests abroad.”

He emphasized the importance of promoting transparency and ethical conduct within the embassy, stating,

“Ensuring integrity and efficiency in our embassy operations is paramount to uphold our reputation and serve our citizens effectively.”

In conclusion, Raja Ali Ejaz encouraged everyone to stay engaged and participate in mainstream politics.

“Joining mainstream politics and voicing your opinions is crucial. Together, we can work towards a brighter future,”

he concluded, leaving the audience with an optimistic outlook on collective efforts and societal improvement. Dr. Ammaar Saeed echoed the call for collective efforts to drive positive change. The attendees left with a renewed commitment to be fostering a brighter future for Pakistan and its diaspora.

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