Mysterious killing targeting Muslims in the Amhara region


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Amhara region Islamic Affairs High Council says conflict between armed groups and the government in the region pay “our people” pay sacrifice 


Toronto – Four same family members and a neighbor this week killed in Bahir Dar – the seat of the Amara regional state they were returning from mosque prayer after fasting prayers.  The attackers are reported to be “unidentified gunmen.”  

Amhara regional states have been linking recent attacks to what it calls “extremist force.”   It is a reference to Fano forces who are undertaking armed resistance across the region. 

The Bahir Dar attack came days after a series of grenade explosions in Finote Selam where dozens were reportedly wounded in a classroom and open-air marketplace.  Politicized Ethiopians who are active on social media platforms are linking the incidents in Bahir Dar and Finote Salam to the government. They see it as an attempt to divide people in the Amhara region to deny Fano forces ( “extremist force” as the government calls them) the popular support they are enjoying. 

Amhara Region Government Communication on Monday cited Sheik Jewuhar Muhammad – the region’s Islamic Affair Higher Council –  as saying ” The Muslim community should avoid being disturbed by attacks from the extremist force and seriously struggle against the extremist group.”  That was part of his holiday message for Eid-al-Fatir. 

The Amhara Region Islamic Affairs Higher Council has stated the tragic killing in Bahir Dar which happened on Sunday. 

“The attack targeting peaceful citizens, injustices and killings is intended to cause turmoil among our people who lived together in unity for ages,” it said. It called on the government, people in the region, followers of other religions, and religious leaders to do their part to reverse what is called worsening attacks against Muslims in the region. 

Highlighting cherished shared history and sacrifices paid together to defend Ethiopia, it said the conflict that has been active for more than eight months in the Amhara region has particularly harmed Muslims. The statement said over 80 were killed, tens of thousands displaced, 47 kidnapped and over 210 looted in the past eight months. 

The statement also listed attacks in the region this week. Based on the statement, couples were killed in Bichena on April 4 over paying tax to the government, four muslims were killed in Maksegnit Gondar on April 6 and a young man was killed in Mota after he was abducted and 300,000 Ethiopian birr was paid in ransom. 

Ethiopians who are advocating against the war in the Amhara region are pointing fingers at Abiy Ahmed’s government in connection with the killings of Muslims.  Unconfirmed reports are even emerging that Abiy Ahmed’s government has already deployed a killing squad in the Amhara region.  


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