Islamic ministry officials catch stealing of electricity and water from mosques in Riyadh


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Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Supervisory teams from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance caught a number of violations involving infringement on electricity and water services of a number of mosques in one of the governorates in the Riyadh region.

The ministry said in a statement that its officials had detected embezzling electricity from a mosque to operate a commercial water supply that was connected with large pumps to fill the water tankers. It noted that the rooms adjacent to the mosque that are designated for housing of workers were found operating 24 hours a day on the mosque’s electricity meters.

Another case of embezzlement of electricity from one of the mosques had also been detected. The infringement was made in favor of a villa adjacent to the mosque to illuminate the villa, its entire wall, and the premises.

The ministry noted that the embezzlement of electricity and water from another mosque was also seized. It was found that the electricity and water supply were embezzled from the mosque’s meters by pulling wires, electric cables and water pipes and connecting them to a private property, surrounded by trees so that it would not be visible. It was also found written there that there is a special entrance to the mosque in order to deceive people so that they would not reach the site for offering prayers. This electricity was used to light a number of facilities of villas in the area apart from installing surveillance cameras. It was also detected installation of a pump on the mosque’s water meter to steal water from it to irrigate an entire farm located between these villas.

The ministry warned that it will take all legal measures against anyone who unlawfully embezzles on mosque properties or exploits their electricity and water meters, and that is in cooperation with the competent authorities. “The oversight teams would continue to work through intensive tours to ensure that there is no occurrence of infringements. All citizens and expatriates should cooperate with the ministry in reporting any infringement on the services or property of mosques by communicating through the uniform Reports Receiving Center (1933) or by personally visiting its branches,” the ministry said and highlighted the importance of the role of citizens and residents, saying that they are an important partner in achieving the ministry’s mission of taking care of mosques and preserving their properties.

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