IDF releases interrogation footage of Islamic Jihad terrorist confessing to rape: ‘Devil took over me’ | World News


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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a video of an interrogation of an Islamic Jihar terrorist — Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem — about his role in the October 7 attack, which led to a full-blown war between Gaza and Israel.

Islamic Jihad terrorist Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem. (X/IDF)
Islamic Jihad terrorist Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem. (X/IDF)

Releasing the video on X, IDF wrote, “’I laid her down, started undressing her…I raped her.’ Listen to an Islamic Jihad terrorist admit he raped an Israeli woman during the Oct. 7 massacre.”

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In the video, Qasem explicitly talks about raping a woman on the day Hamas militants entered Israel. 28-year-old Qasem reveals that he didn’t know much about the attack and had only found out about it by one of the Islamic Jihad members once he reached their regular base.

As per the interrogation, Qasem, belonging to Khan Yunis, was trained in the Naval unit of the Islamic Jihad. However, he invaded Israel through land with a friend. He further told the interrogator that even though his counterpart got injured, he continued to march into the Kibbutz with two grenades and one handgun.

The conflict began with a series of unprecedented attacks by Hamas, resulting in approximately 1,160 deaths in Israel, with the majority being civilians. In response, Israel launched a retaliatory campaign that has resulted in the deaths of at least 32,552 people in Gaza, primarily women and children.

He then said that he entered a house where a woman was present and asking for his help. He said, “The devil took over me, I laid her down, started undressing her and did what I did.”

As the interrogator stressed him to reveal what he did, Qasem said, “I raped her. She pushed me. It didn’t last long. I heard shouting outside.”

He then explained how two men, with “al-aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Nadal al Amudi” written on their uniforms, entered the house. “They pulled the girl’s mother, brought her in and put the two next to each other. They started comforting each other,” he said.

Qasem added that when the two men began taking the two Israeli women through the door, he shot one of them in the lower body and threw a grenade at them before leaving.

Around 250 individuals were taken as hostages by the militants. Israel reports that about 130 captives are still held in Gaza, with 34 presumed to have died.

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