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The work spans six years, maintaining accuracy to Quranic and Sunnah principles while integrating contemporary educational methodologies.

Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has introduced The Comprehensive Encyclopedia for the Development of Islamic Education which spans five volumes, encompassing every facet of Islamic education.

Authored by scholar Dr Hussein Ahmed Qasim, the book is funded by the Endowment Fund for Scientific and Cultural Development within the General Directorate of Endowments.

The volumes dissect various dimensions of Islamic education, from its current state in schools to strategies for advancement.

Volume one critically examines the existing landscape of Islamic education in schools and with anticipated developments.

The second volume delves into the intricacies of educational supervision within Islamic education, proposing a roadmap for its enhancement.

Meanwhile, the third volume presents a crafted curriculum document for the subject, and the fourth volume serves as a guidebook for Islamic education teachers.

Finally, the fifth volume unveils comprehensive strategies for bolstering the Islamic education subject.

During the unveiling ceremony, the Head of the Publications Department at the Department of Islamic Affairs Hassan Muhammad Al Asfar said the Ministry typically prioritises printing materials aimed at revitalising Islamic heritage.

These publications span various branches of Sharia sciences, encompassing hadith, biography, jurisprudence, doctrine, interpretation, and the principles of jurisprudence, as well as representing diverse schools of thought.

He further pointed out that the newly launched book by the ministry marks a difference as it pertains specifically to Islamic education, signifying a novel development.

This endeavour is viewed as an extension of the ministry’s ongoing initiative to publish Sharia science literature, aimed at bolstering these disciplines through scholarly means.

The visionary behind the encyclopedia Ahmed Qasim weighed in on the scope of the project, saying it adheres to both tradition and modernity. He added that the encyclopedia included a project to cover Islamic education in schools entirely.

He stressed that the work, spanning six years, maintains allegiance to Quranic, Sunnah, or consensus principles while integrating contemporary educational methodologies.

Ahmed Qasim also added that the encyclopedia aims to serve as a rigorously reviewed academic endeavour, catering not only to the successful students emerging from educational institutions and places of worship but also to professionals within the realm of Islamic education.

It looks to instil intellectual confidence in youth, shaping them into conscientious citizens who adhere to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, promoting moderation, he noted.

The objectives of the encyclopedia aspire to serve as a scholarly cornerstone, catering to generations emerging from mosques and schools.

Ahmed Qasim also highlighted the encyclopedia’s indirect influence on successive generations, targeting educators, supervisors, religious leaders, and students across various educational institutions.

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