Awqaf Ministry launches encyclopaedia to develop Islamic education


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Officials during the launch of encyclopaedia.

Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has launched the book ‘The Comprehensive Encyclopedia for the Development of Islamic Education’, authored by Dr. Hussein Ahmed Qasim.

The Ministry published the encyclopaedia with funding from the Endowment Fund for Scientific and Cultural Development in the General Directorate of Endowments, and it is in five volumes covering everything related to Islamic education.

The first volume deals with Islamic education in schools between reality and what is expected. The second volume focuses on the reality of educational supervision of the Islamic education subject and the plan for its advancement. The third volume presents a curriculum document for the Islamic education subject. The fourth volume deals with the guide book for the Islamic education teacher, and the fifth volume presents Strategies for developing Islamic education subject.

During the inauguration, Hassan Muhammad Al Asfar, Head of the Publications Department at the Department of Islamic Affairs, explained that the Ministry usually prints books on reviving the Islamic heritage as a priority, and prints books on Sharia sciences of all orientations, in all branches of Sharia sciences, whether in hadith or biography, jurisprudence, doctrine, interpretation, and the principles of jurisprudence, as well as all schools of thought.

He pointed out that the current book launched by the Ministry differs in that it is related to the subject of Islamic education, and this is a new development, and it is considered a continuation of the Ministry’s project to print Sharia science books, by providing scientific means to support those sciences.

For his part, the author of the book, Dr. Hussein Ahmed Qasim, said that the encyclopedia included a project to develop Islamic education in schools from A to Z, adhering to originality, keeping in line with modernity to its furthest limits.

He said that this is in a manner that does not violate the legal principles of the holy Quran, Sunnah, or consensus, and the work includes six consecutive years, through an integrated educational system in its inputs, processes, and outputs.

He added that the objectives of the encyclopedia are to be a peer-reviewed scientific study targeting the generations flowing from the gates of mosques and schools, and all those working in the field of Islamic education, in addition to students in Sharia institutes and colleges.

It achieves intellectual security for young people, graduates young people as good citizens who follow the method of the Quran and Sunnah, and consolidates the approach of moderation and moderation. For young women, it provides young women with solid immunity from stray thoughts.

The author of the encyclopedia pointed out that it indirectly targets the generations flowing from the school, and directly targets teachers, supervisors, trainers, Imams of mosques, holy Quran teaching centres, students of Islamic colleges and institutes, students of colleges of education, curriculum planners, authors of series of education books among others.

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